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Our planet has many stories to tell us, if we only take the time to listen and learn. We are here to help share its stories and guide the youth to discover a new area of this wonderous place. There are always two sides to a story, even in nature. We emphasize keeping an open mind and truly seeing nature from as many angles as possible. At Catalina School Adventures we know individuals’ impact matter. You can make a change with every choice you make, how you act, and how you treat people and the environment. This camp is not solely scientific, it is a community of self-exploration and making an impact for the better. Curiosity brings discovery, discovery leads to breakthroughs, and breakthroughs lead to a more compassionate understanding of the place we all call home.

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"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
-Benjamin Franklin.



Focus on taxonomy and anatomy identification. Students will learn the importance of classification and why dissection can be useful in science. Hands on learning during this class takes on a whole new meaning. We always handle our specimens with respect and gratitude for our opportunity to learn.



A quick lecture on the significance of marine birds and how we can help their survival through mindful daily practices. Students receive a different perspective of the island in their kayaks while searching for marine life. A special note on our part in ocean conservation through stewardship is implemented in this class.

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While exploring the heights of the island students will learn the history of Catalina. The impact that imported animals have on the small ecosystem of the island. This class shines a light on the role scientist play and how nature responds to foreign plants and animals.



This exciting snorkel class submerges us in the watery world of Gallagher's Cove. Highlighting fish identification and the immense role each animal, plant, and algae play in a healthy biome. Students will over come fears and emerge with a thirst for more time in the water.



As the tide falls, unique animals are exposed to the air for us to explore. These hardy creatures have a story worth telling and we are here to share it with you. Students can observe the changes in water level and the effect it has on the animals on the rocks.

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"Brady decided to start Catalina School Adventures (CSA) after spending the past 3 years on Catalina Island working at Campus by the Sea and as Director of Programs for a marine institute. Most recently he has joined Catalina Conservancy as a consultant to make Marine Protected Areas. Brady has worked hard to become a Catalina Island Conservancy Naturalist 1 and 2 to further his knowledge on island animals and plants. Previously President and CEO of the largest nonprofit affordable housing development companies in LA fighting against homelessness. By starting his own marine science camp he will be able to combine his lifelong love of the Island, offer a helping hand and educating todays youth of the importance of our stewardship of both.

Brady Gunther


Jessica started CSA with the intention to spark an appreciation for the ocean and educate students in ways to keep marine life safe and bring awareness to how individual actions make a big impact on the environment. She was a college swimmer and grew up on Southern California beaches. She patrols the beaches as a lifeguard and helps run the Junior Lifeguard program in the summers. Her love for education and the ocean has formed the programs at Catalina School Adventures. Hands on experience is her specialty with a unique approach in instilling life-long learning.  She is always open for a conversation on sustainability and ocean conservation.

Jessica Del Monaco


Ryan is an Instructor for CSA and Junior Lifeguards. He enjoys teaching students about marine life and how to fish responsibly. During his off time Ryan enjoys traveling, body surfing, and boat rides. His favorite animals on Catalina is the Bison.

Ryan Allen


Madison is an Instructor at CSA. She is an avid scuba diver and ocean advocate. Her passion is sustainability and conservation in marine arenas. When she isn't on the island, she spends her time surfing or scuba diving on the coast. Her favorite animal on the island is the sea turtle.

Madison Feldman


Brady John is an Instructor at CSA. He grew up coming to camp on Catalina and loves to share his experiences with students. Back on the main land he spends time with his family and goes to concerts. His favorite animal on the island is the leopard shark.

Brady John

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Campus by the Sea is Southern California’s most unique setting for science camps. Located on a secluded, private cove on wild and beautiful Santa Catalina Island near Avalon, even getting here is an adventure! Ferries from San Pedro, Long Beach, Newport Beach or Dana Point harbors transport church groups, nonprofit organizations, and public or private schools from all over the Southwest with convenient proximity to Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange Counties. Our exclusive location with a quarter mile of private beach is a favorite of youth and young adult groups, church retreats and family camps. The compact facility is hemmed in by steep mountain ridges, miles away from other residents, with no access road in or out - a very safe location for families to bring young children. Our special location, seashore with gentle surf, and nautical themed playground makes us the perfect, kid-friendly campsite, and one of the best family campgrounds in California.

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Water of Life

"We have attended 10+ years of camps (including Catalina camps) and this was the best experience by far! From Brady's thorough communication, flexibility, and service to Jessica and Brady John's wealth of knowledge. The instructors were engaging and entertaining. To see some of our students kayak and snorkel for the first time was all worth it! Thank you so much!"



Join the Ocean Loving Team

Catalina School Adventures is looking to hire qualified candidates for an outdoor education program. Instructors will lead 20-25 students ranging from 5th grade to high school in 5 core island classes.

This job requires the candidate to be physical fit, able to swim proficiently, hike, kayak, and snorkel. The right person has a deep passion for the ocean, conservation, and educating the youth. Experience is a huge plus but we are willing to train the right person. All persons hired will attend a training weekend regardless of previous experience.

Accommodations, food, and boat tickets are included. This is an overnight position, staff is housed on the island in separate cabins from the students. There are no private facilities but there is staff common areas and facilities. Please note there is no electricity in cabins or cell service. Wifi is only in the staff lounge. Must be CPR and First Aid certified.

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If you would like to find out more information about marine science camps, please call or email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to sharing the magic of the island with you all!


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