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About Us

Inspiring the Next Generation of Environmentalist


Our Story

Jessica and Brady started Catalina School Adventures in 2021 with hopes to inspire the next generation of ocean loving and environmentally conscious youth. They met on Catalina in 2018 and quickly realized they were going to do some bigs things together. During their early years they dreamed about starting their own marine science camp and low and behold a few years later they were able to start their dream careers in Gallagher's Cove. They are constantly striving to make this program the best it can be with updated workbooks, great communication, and a life long commitment to the outdoors. 

Our Mission Statement

Our planet has many stories to tell us, if we only take the time to listen and learn. We are here to help share its stories and guide the youth to discover a new area of this wonderous place. There are always two sides to a story, even in nature. We emphasize keeping an open mind and truly seeing nature from as many angles as possible. At Catalina School Adventures we know individuals’ impact matter. You can make a change with every choice you make, how you act, and how you treat people and the environment. This camp is not solely scientific, it is a community of self-exploration and making an impact for the better. Curiosity brings discovery, discovery leads to breakthroughs, and breakthroughs lead to a more compassionate understanding of the place we all call home.

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