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The Team

Who We Are

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Brady Gunther

Founder, CEO, and President

"Brady decided to start Catalina School Adventures (CSA) after spending the past 3 years on Catalina Island working at Campus by the Sea and as Director of Programs for a marine institute. Most recently he has joined Catalina Conservancy as a consultant to make Marine Protected Areas. Brady has worked hard to become a Catalina Island Conservancy Naturalist 1 and 2 to further his knowledge on island animals and plants. Previously President and CEO of the largest nonprofit affordable housing development companies in LA fighting against homelessness. By starting his own marine science camp he will be able to combine his lifelong love of the Island, offer a helping hand and educating todays youth of the importance of our stewardship of both.


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Masa is a waterman through and through. He has been educating students on Catalina for 5 years! On his off time you can catch him in the water spearfishing and snatching up lobsters to cook up later. His friendly face is a regular at our camp.



Singing to the eels is one of the cheerful things she is known for. Her silly songs to the fishes and happy dances around camp will bring a smile to your face any time of day. She has lived on Catalina for 2 years and more to come.




Kayaking king Danny loves to be out on the water. He has been a semi local for a few years as a substitute teacher for Catalina schools and leads a church back in Long Beach. He leads our star hikes and fancies a good story.



Eco friendly, boy band loving Kalani enjoys a good snorkel and loves to play games. She loves to share ideas on how we all can make small changes to make a big impact. Reduce, reuse, recycle! 




This handy lady is out of this world, Soraya loves to chat about stars and what's the latest happenings in the world. She is our source for obscure facts and a good laugh!



Experienced in life and stories to match Larry is one of a kind. He is full of fun, relevant stories and has some amazing experiences he will gladly tell you through his colorful story telling.

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